Cinema du Look #1

  • Cinema du Look #1

Cinema du Look #1
A magazine about stylish cinema
Shipping worldwide end of Nov 2022

Cinema du Look is a new publication that exists as a magazine, a reference book and a keepsake, and was conceived out of a desire to create something tangible that was dedicated to stylish cinema and all its accompanying splendour. With a curatorial approach to storytelling, it draws on the rich history of the moving image to explore the widespread impact of cinema’s visual language and use of aesthetics. In the same breath, it spotlights film’s symbiotic relationship with other visual arts, all of which have collectively shaped our cultural landscape.

In this launch issue we consider these interdisciplinary connections and encourage a dialogue between them, from the specially commissioned artwork that adorns our first front cover, by artists Mat Maitland and July Stars, to Christina Newland’s investigation into fashion in the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder. From a conversation with world-renowned makeup artist Lisa Eldridge and painter Cathy Lomax, to fictional stories set in 1970s Cinecittà dreamt up by writer Brendan Embser and illustrator Jan Schmelcher.

Among other highlights in the magazine’s 184 pages, we explore hidden corners of the Stanley Kubrick Archive, chew the fat with legendary costume designer Michael Kaplan, and delve into the film collection of editor and style icon Ben Cobb. We also take a look at the Pierre Cardin-designed wardrobe of Jeanne Moreau in ‘The Bride Wore Black’, examine David Cronenberg’s ‘Crash’ and its relationship with fashion imagery, and investigate the films of Brian de Palma.

Elsewhere Katharina Kubrick talks all things ‘Barry Lyndon’, we sit down for a rare interview with cinematographer extraordinaire Yorick Le Saux, and we ask celebrated directors Todd Haynes, Carol Morley and Melina Matsoukas to discuss their influences.

Contributors include: Rachel Bailey, Patrick Bienert, Dal Chodha, Sarah Kathryn Cleaver, Scarlett Conlon, Yaniv Edry, Brendan Embser, Hill & Aubrey, Anthony Gerace, Carly Kuhn, Phuong Le, Mat Maitland & July Stars, Liberty McAnena, Christina Newland, Kathryn O’ Regan, Ada Pîrvu, Jan Schmelcher, Beate Sonnenberg, Paul Tierney, Carina Tina

184 pages, 184 x 246mm
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